Monday, July 21

ridiculous, baby

this is how good Will is:)

Im still full from Pancakes On the Rocks from yesterday:s Yes I know, I chucked a Lea!
heheeh Well theres a few events this week that I am quite looking forward to but if I dont get to go, ill be still as happy. LOL Shamma's birthday party will be this Friday, have no idea if im going or not. ummm Marvin's Dinner is this Saturday, not sure about that too. and YES Kevin's will be next week. Finally 18.
Hmm. theres nothing really to blog about except for the fact that semester two is coming soon, next week. Im excited and sad at the same time, because I have been having awesome rest days these holidays and I will miss it once its over. sigh*
All this time, I have been accepting people's complements to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight as being slightly, biased and exaggerated. BUT I was simply blown away by how evil, he portrayed Joker. Joker is my new favourite villain, he is just plain evil and funny at the same time. "I will make this pencil disappear" *stabs a pencil on the table and grabs a guys head and bang it on the table* *pencil gone**guy dead* bwhahahhaa. Well done, but the movie was quite long, but worth every penny. There was two stories and I just got slightly lost but all good. I woke up early to go movies, so My eyes were dying. ohwell thats me, not the movie. Im expecting everyone to watch it, its strongly recommended of course.!

I also want to add a
adios guys!

p.s. for my turtle,
dont we feel like this sometimes.

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