Wednesday, August 13


there is so much crap in my head right now that I dont know where to start. Today have been overwhelming, actually, THIS week has been great. I am starting to like my job, no matter how hard it is. I love the travelling, especially with tarckwork on teh north shore, cause i get to enjoy the view, and it only take half of the time by bus, than normal trains. AWW dont you just love when things work on your favour. I have so much assignment to do, but i decided to blog abit of what I have been up to for the past few days. I have met awesome people randomly ofcourse. I also realised that, you cannot make things work. I am a believer of, "your life is for you to make"and at the same time a believer of FATE. Now, these two are the great paradoxes of life. And this week, I have come to realise that, things will not turn out the way you want. Your conversation will not turn out the way you imagine it and definitely, your feelings will vary withthe wind. Ihave been thinking about everything, everyone, and everywhere. Whenever there is something to analyse Im on top of it already. I missed place one of my friends emails and I never see her anymore. ahhh I have been looking for it everywhere. I hope I see her again. Angela and I have been having short lunches and catching up, since that girl is like a rapid flowing tide, you wouldnt want to miss her agendas. lol.

My birthday I coming up and I dont know what to do. My best guess is DINNER at Hurricanes, Bondi OR Chinta Ria, Darling Harbour OR Max Brenner OR Spanish Terrazas OR MAYBE ALL OF THIS!! bwhahah. I dont think ill be shouting for food, except if im REALLY loaded and generous, so this will be a GATHERING, in a way.

ANYWAY, im just blabbing on. So i should stop. I will not even start with any of those theoretical and philosophical crap tonight. I could go on and on and on and on.!!

NOTEBOOK is by far one of the BEST love stories I have ever seen! I cant wait to read the book... ahhhhh


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