Tuesday, July 15

as june and july approaches and ends, its tax return season. This is also the time where school leavers start to reminisce about their past. They get in contact with their old friends. They meet, for the second or third time, someone who has lost contact. They develop new ralationship with existing friends and of course with World Youth Day and all, just around the corner, new people enter eachothers lives. It interesting to see all these happening right before your eyes. The meer effect of observation not only allow for criticism and also give way to self insight. Its great. During the past few days, ive been spending my time with a number of people, going to many different places, and doing an array of activities. I realised that since, this is my last holidays WITHOUT having to work and uni problems all packed in one 5weeks holiday, I should make the most of it, cause it wont come again. And its been great so far. everything is awesome, My expenses have not reach the point I expected which is double awesome. My movie watching have gone off the radar (including animes). Ive taken up activities I would not normally do. Ive finished my book, the book that I have been dragging on for so long, and better yet, it did not end properly, NOW im itching to read the next series, but i cant cause Im reading something else at the moment. OH my, the dilemma.

Helping kevin organise his dinner party:) Its quite hard organising shizz like this!. I need to catch up with Therese! sigh* havnt seen that girl in a long while. Gone to Marvin's awesome but wierd place in Ashfield. LOL we installed the washing machine and I introduced him to the SUNLIGHT. He has a pet scorpion.

Watched the So you Think You Can Dance tour on the 12th. awesome stuff. GO jack, awesome JACK. sigh* if only I get to dance in front of alot or people again. sigh* Im missing the crazy performer life, i guess. sigh*

well im off. im tired! eyes are about to shrink!

p.s. I love sean

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