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This is one of the most awesome videos ive seen and seen done:) Good stuff, these people are damn passionate and great at what they do! hail to these people. they continue to be my inspiration:L. Hope you guys had fun watching those, if you skipped through them then I want to scroll back up and watch it. Its not that long. probably take you less than 10mins for BOTH=) no time, Come back later.

These past few days, i have been advancing quite nicely into my book. Its just great. It talks about the forces that acts upon us when we go seek our "personal legend", which is our dream, our desire, our reason of living, basically the personal legend is our purpose in life. It just awesome. It also talk about religion. And what i can conclude in reflection to myself is that, I dont hate religion, I am all of it, I am Buddhist, Catholic, Muslin, Christian, Jew, an Hindu.Faith is great, hope is awesome. It just shizz me to see, how religion is used to manipulate people, used to contradict science, and most importantly used for politics. Because of this, religion is no longer, that desire to search for answer, no longer the healer of problems, and most certainly no longer the epitome of wisdom and beauty, the society's representation of religion, is now nothing but a bunch of bullshizz. Reeligion today equates to money. Ill give you an example, Who would have thought, that one would have to pay approx $175 to see the Pope deliver his mass on Sunday. If i recall quite clearly, Jesus OR any of the religious figure for that matter, charged anyone a cent to see their faces. Jesus did not ask for money just so we can see him get crucified. This is the very reason I hate religion. Everyone attacks one another's religion just so they can feel like, all their crappy sins have been forgiven, just because they're "spreading the word". The best thing is, these religious farts are actually one of the "most important sinners"(hmm, dunno how else to put that). The best form of religion, in my opinion, is self reflection. It not that you confess so that your sins gets washed away and forgotten, its the probability of doing that sin again and again and again. And in addition, it the knowledge that you had prior to committing such sin. Thats it, its not hard. And besides, "SIN"is just so general that our religions subtly forbids us to question. Like dramatic people, questioning ones taste in music, style of music, choice of religion, no matter how innocent your approach maybe, will be an offence. So with what I beleive in all I can say, is that Religion is no longer pure (in general), the place where it is in its purest form is when you are by yourself and just be in contact with whoever itis out there.

Like what my book said: Pure happiness can be found when you enjoy the wonder of the world and at the same time not leaving anything behind. You have to take into account EVERYTHING. It is when you mastered this, i shall call, art, that you learn how to not take things for granted and enjoy what is in the present. When you are working towards your ultimate desires, all of the things in the world will work with you to achieve it.

I think what people need these days is to stop caring about unnecessary stuff. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo is just awesome. You guys should read it for yourselves. Its in the 3 for 2 section in Borders at the moments so you can enjoy it at a cheaper cost. LOL, no Im not advertising.

SYTYCD season 4 came out lastngiht on australian TV, abit late IN DEED. but yes some BOYS were really good. Its funny how, its the guys that have awesome unique moves to show but never the girls. HHMM. ill talk about that a little later if i have a fresh theory. BUT for now, I realised that travis wall is one of the best contemporary dancers i have seen. goodstuff

I like tax return season:) heheh i get slightly spoiled by a few people:K

p.s. thanks for the awesome shirt my darling:) sigh* I shall see you on saturday! jejeje Im watching Dark Knight on sunday so we can go a speed through these catholics on our way to the rocks, Sí? well I love you:) Cotton on hasnt called yet. lame-ohs losers!

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