Thursday, July 10

I WISH I CAN DRIVE. my inability to drive have hindered me from so many things, too many in fact that I dont even want to mention it because the very thought of it depresses me. I hope everything works out with work.sigh*

going to So you think you can dance with lea, amira and my baby:) I cant wait, i havnt watched the latest goss on SYTYCD season 4 cause my internet will be capped anytime soon, BUT, im blogging so be happy:)

I went to elle's house a few days ago and thank god I finally visited her residence! gahh! watch a filo movie, which, due to my piercing headache, i wasnt able to tear up during the "cry time". BUT when i got home yesterday, I watched Reign over me with Adam Sandler, and YES it touched me. There was a scene that was just so awesome! I wont tell you about it cause that would simply wreck the whole thing since I cannot just simply tellyou what went on in the scene but Ill have to explain the whole story. The movie went for nearly two hours. Slightly boring in the beginning but beautiful at the end. great performance by adam sandler=) rating: 4/5
Dad loved The Eye, with Jessica Alba. I too couldnt agree less, that it is one of the coolest movie nowadays. Man if no one else realised, horror movies today have been losing its flavour and just went down the drain, which facinates me whenever I get on to a movie that just scares the shizz out of me.
I have been painting wierd stuff. One of my painting looked like little ants. Having said that, just to do my the painting some justice, Its infact breakdance poses. Ive made the dancers look like silhouettes and yes.
Belated happy birthday to Tara and Lea.
ohwell, im off to dinner.
p.s. I Love Sean

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