Tuesday, June 10

TITLE: Sean you better start blogging;
hey guys. I decided to blog in the middle of my studying day because, yesterday I downloaded this trial for media player visualization!AND its just fantastic. Ill post up some pictures from the actual thing SO you guys can get it for yourself.

My net have been stuffing up for some odd reason. never had this problem before. Im not sure if its the weather. Im meant to be studying at the moment but i decided to make use of my off peak internet hours. bwhahaha Im awesome. i feel like putting up a few movie reviews today..hmmm think.! YEP i shall. well first of all, i might say something that you might not want to know about a movie, So better not read the next part. JUST scrol down=D

The Eye
starring: Jessica Alba.
genre: Horror/Thriller
scariness:scared the shizz out of me.
Well for a long time ive wanted to see a movie that would make me jump at ceratin scenes. And im proud to announce that THIS movie made me jump twice. and made me cover my ears three times. sigh* So that must be good right?. Story is abit cliche. The whole contacted by the dead to do something good at the end. yeah that sort of thing. BUT its definitely worth the watch and may i say time spent for studying. bwhahah nah. i study too. But yeah awesome stuff. everybody love a few jessica alba shot hear and there. Her dress at the end is JUST....ahhhh great!
However, i didnt like the whole white eye thing they do when people are blind. I dont know, they whouldve just made it black (maybe).
I shall give this a rating of 4/5

I totally forgot to tell you about the Spanish Dinner I hosted on friday the 6th of JUNE. ill post images next entry, yes?

The next time you go on to media player. Click the little arrow under the "now playing" and choose, "download visualizations". This will take you to the download website. Choose WHITE CAP. i think the one featured on top of the page, but this will change depending on how fast you respond to what this blog says.
you wont wanna miss out.

adios bonitos! gracias!

p.s. te quiero, sean
Eres muy gwapo y interesante. Te echo de menos. Todos quiero es tĂș.

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