Friday, June 13

It is seldom that I laugh at an animal, and when I do, I usually find out afterwards that it was at myself, at the human being whom the animal has portrayed in a more or less pitiless caricature, that I have laughed. We stand before the monkey house and laugh, but we do not laugh at the site of a caterpillar or a snail, and when the courtship antics of a lusty greylag gander are so incredibly funny, it is only (because) our human youth behaves in a very similar fashion. (Lorenz, 1979, p39)

Aww psychology is getting into my head like a nail puncturing a wall. sigh* but the funny thing is, just today, I have no idea what im meant to be studying. I feel like first sem psyc have been so general and broad and simply, TOO MUCH. Since my final exam consists of 100+ multiple choice, All I can do now, that will constitute to studying is reading the whole book(revising topics ive already learnt). Hard thing is, all my topics are so spread out that when I look for a specific topic, I end up browsing through the book and get hooked onto other topics and just reading about it. this can be fatal. I know. But what can i do, The book is quite interesting. But i got social psychology done today. Just hoping that i didnt miss anything. Sigh. Biology and experimental methodology tomorrow. I hope i get this done, OR else, i wont be eating nicely at Pancakes on the Rocks.

Well i hope i get a credit average for Psychology 1A. please!! just give it to me. im begging you

Revision: Self serving bias(people tend to see themselves with a more positive light than how others see them as):: fundamental attribution error(assumption that other peoples behaviour is ONLY influenced by their internal states and failing to see the impact of external stimuli)::stereotypes:: prejudice::five factor model;Openess, Conciensciousness,extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism::pespectives in psychology;behaviorist(response of individual to environmental events/stimuli), humanistic(humans are innately good;focuses on the uniqueness of the individual), Evolutionist (behaviour came from a common ancestor;correlation with natural selection), Psychodynamic (focuses on the internal mental states of an individual;inetraction between mind, feelings and wishes; deals with the idea that many of our actions and behaviours are influence greatly by our unconscious state;Cognitive(how people percieve, process and retrieve info; relating the function of the brain as to a computer.)::Ivan Pavlov::Charles Darwin::Wilhem Wundt:: Sigmund Freud:: Abraham Maslow::Hans Eysenck::Carl Roger::B.F Skinner:: René Decartes::Attitudes(attitude strenght;attitude accesibility:attitude proximity)::Bystander effect(more bystander, the less likely they will help)::Aggression is affected by many influences, such as genetics,evolution, instinct,hormones, cognitive-social perspective, and situational::attraction(proximity, similarity, self disclosure, arousal, physical attractiveness,reciprocal liking[we like people who likes us], affect[feelings and attractiveness], responsiveness[behavioral mimicry]::Persuassion:: self-fulfilling prophecy(feeling of attractiveness leads to behaviours that others may perceive as attractive)::Halo effect(people who are physically attractive are assumed to possess other favourable characteristic such as happy, intelligent and friendly::Social identity theory (people derive part of their identity from the group they belong to)::::::THAT is all i remember from today's learning. I hope you had fun reading the influx of weird jargons.

Spanish exam was wierd and easy. hmmm credit? hopefully. lol
p.s. JustCRUE, baby

i love thee, very much

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