Wednesday, May 28

-am recovering from a flu.
-havnt seen sean for a whole day and abit
-had the best mandarin on saturday
-havnt been to uni for the past four three days
-miss los marimachos
-miss sean
-cant wait for the marimachos dinner
-miss sean
-cant afford to miss alot of 2unit maths
-am doing environmental science next sem
-miss sean
-need new pictures
-want to go and have lunch/dinner with people soon
-need money
-think psychology is abit "wishywoshy"
-miss sean
-dont like tv
-am sad, now that one tree hill season 5 is finished and wont be back til september
-think that is one of teh best architectural blogs i have seen
-believe that my turtle will be great, one day
-will go to europe, spain, asia, and africa if need be.
-miss sean
-love you

ingat guys. adios amigos

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