Friday, May 23

As human beings, no matter how smart we get or how awesome our the piece of meat in our head is, we NEED:
- lists
- reminders
- alarms
- post its
- notes
and all other organising crap so we dont forget our purpose. Like today, I got ready like superman and hurried to the car like a deranged lightning. Walking briskly to my BABS lab as my ankle popped a few joints and made funny "broken bone" noices, I wondered why at 9am ( my usual lab start time) no ONE was waiting outside. see my class goes into the lab late, so i expected everyone to be there waiting for the damn door to open, BUT no.. THEN it hit me, we start at 10 today. sigh* so now im blogging because i decided i should do a few spanish grammar practice so i can get at LEAST higher than 6/10 next time. I seem to be stuck there...6.1/10, 6.5/10. COME on. My spanish grammar and listening online quiazes have the weirdest marking criteria ever. ohwell. sigh* great language, awesome tut class, cant complain.

a few people that I know are off/ were off to melbourne this week. i havnt been in that city for a long time now. Apparently, its good for shopping, i wouldnt know cause when i went there, I didnt know about shoe fetishes yet and ethnic styles yet. i went there excited to meet my cousins, thats all.

i think i have tonsillitis. OR maybe, I have the flu. Im not SURE. sigh* damn bacterias and viruses. Im always intimidated when i get a flu or some kind of "disease" cause I do biology. I study how they work and how it spreads and all this shizz, but i always get sick (not really always) but there was no year that i didnt GET sick for once. hmmm I need to build up my immune system aye. Its funny cause yesterday in BABS1201, we were talking about immunoglobulins and the inflammed lymph in the thoat as an imflammatory response of the immune system. It swells up because cell division increases in that area, so it can fight of bacteria/ virus. How amazing is our body. sigh* it just doesnt cease to amaze me how great it is. But for those who have very little interest on our body, then you just wasted 1 minute of your life reading an utterly boring paragraph. On this note, the lab demonstrators wanted a better video for lab classes on mitosis and meiosis, and they offered 2% for at least 10 students who contributes to the seearch for THE awesome video. I saw this message when i got on webct. Here am i thinking i was one of the first one to look at it, then as i went to the discussion forum, people were putting up 2-3 links to you tube vids. There was a user who had basically 12links on mitosis and meiosis. There were about 15 people already contributing to the search. Its pretty funny. ALL the message had either "check this out" "great anmation" "good mitosis video" "this is a pretty good video as it shows the stages of mitosis quite clearly" "awesome video" TO add to how honest their purpose was to finding the video. I conclude that this was their thinking at the moment of action:
"Better put a sentence or two so that i wont look like a scab for marks." bwhahhaha its was pretty funny though, seeing the battle for 2% assessment mark. Well i wont complain, maybe some of those vids are good, maybe some are awesome. BUT ill wait for the demos to actually find the best one and show them to the year. =D and HOPEFULLY, i wont need that 2% after making fun of these scabs! bwhhahah
TALKING about scabs. sigh* teacher strike yesterday. bwhahaha, how cool for teachers to go to work and suck up to bosses during teachers strike!! bwhahahah i love being a spectator of humanity. Its just quite amusing to see.
(oh oh.. nose running. better get a tissue.)
(10 minutos later)
facebooking. sigh* just organising this dinner thing for los marimachos.
well im off. my time for using teh library comp will be up
adios bonitos/as

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