Wednesday, May 21

hello lads and lasses!
Im still at home, and just decided to drop in and say hellooo..
My awesome prince baught me the long awaited MEXICO shoes yesterday. It is so beautiful and i completely love it. Im still trying to save up and YES i will get a job this year. My goal is to get one before the end of the year. NO, no maccas. gracias.

I havnt gotten the chance to blog recently because of uni work and actually catching up on it. In addition, i have been preparing for my impending exams. I need to get hectic marks on this one so i dont look back and bash myself when i fail.=)

I totally love biology. and I have taken up evolution just so i could do bio again in year two=D ohwell it chould be fun. Enrolments started last week friday, and i have decided to drop spanish so i could give way to statistics and biotechnology. But the verdict has yet to be finalised.

Promnight(movie) was so crap
De Qué se trata?
Setrate de bonita getting stalked. and some psycho killer just go around killing people. LAME.
I know.

Adios amigos. ill see you later.

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