Saturday, February 2

start of practice for danies debut happened this afternoon. Im proud of everyone cause they are awesome! i think this is the first time we actually successfully accomplished past the initiation stage!=D=D so im very happy. ALTHOUGH like always, NOT everyone was there which made it a tad farting harder for farting everyone. Its not liek i have the rest of my life to choreograph the damn dance! I hope people will start thinking about dannie and others as much as they think and love themselves. BUT well i hope this turns out awesome! I very tired so i wont be able to put up pictures or anything else.

Met some new people, at least properly met them. see alot of people hasnt master the art of introducing people to people. well not like anyone has mastered it, cause comen, deep down you suck, even if you think your good, NAH! you suck:) like me. hehe so high five. for me basically i dont care. if im not good at it then so be it.. hehe just make sure you "clearly"mention each ones names to eachother, or else there is a HIGH likelihood for the NAME to be forgotten, so its not just your fault, but there will be misunderstandings and name calling such as "hey i saw you teh other day but you snobbed me!" and then more.. bwahhahaha (if i didnt make sense then too bad for you, not my fault youre slow..heheh)

The movies that ive been watching for the past few days have been unknown but awesome! and i reduced the amount of dvds i take per week now, im taking care of my eyes at the moment just so it doesnt fall out soon-er.

alright im done. adios. more crap later on okidoki!

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