Tuesday, February 5

OTH update

Lights and Sounds= Yellowcard
HELLO people as you all maybe aware of, ONE TREE HILL season 5 is back, airing at USA. I am so excited. well its been going on for a while now. Basically tonight was the sixth episode! OMG all so exciting, children. The plot is kinda like an epilogue. 4 years later becomes the begining of new friends, problems and arguments and LOVE.

Haley and Nathan's child is a toddler now and very cute. Just for the record, Haley has a hot dark short hair, so im liking her for that. heheh but i liked her long hair as well. sigh* i missed this show!
Brooke runs a famous fashion label and is hotter than ever.
Peyton works at a music recording label.
Lucas, is a coach, still at one tree hill and published his first novel and is upto his second. He's dating his editor named Lindsey.
Mouth and Skills are still in it. hmm who have i forgotten.
Dan is in jail. Karen and her daughter are on a trip around the world and continues to send postcards to tree hill.

This is basically where everything starts. The summary is just getting you to understand the foundation where it will all start. I cant wait for this season, seriously. I still have faith on Brooke and Lucas, but I have a feeling that i MIGHT be disappointed at the end of the season, ohwell. I like them:) and although i like Peyton as a character, her and Lucas just doesnt click it for me. Another season to perve on awesome dresses and hair styles. Oh yeah!

Last night i was fishing the net for stuff on one tree hill cause net is just so boring. I mean i cant burrow in facebook all the time and its not like interesting people are always on msn=)

well there is an awesome website with all the latest gossip and trailers of every episode and also, the facts and information about one tree hill and other shows you might like. Just google, CW (the network of the show). Whilst flicking through linked pages, i found the "one tree hill" radio and man the songs are just awesome. It sets up the OTH aura man. So you have to get it. OR hopefully when the blog is all complete and my baby, successfully inserted the widget of the radio and this other cool app, you guys can just stay on my blog and listen to the radio yourself. rather than google-ing and all those crap.
Episode list.. so far
As you can all see, they are close to their 100th episode! and for a show to reach, 5 seasons IT must be good or POPULAR (large fan base) so im proud of this show. Its just too bad that im not included in that demography to be counted. Buy if i do live there, im sure id still be a fan.

Having said so much about OTH, i cant wait for Heroes as well! Come on, what is happening to those people, season two was so short, I WANT THREE NOW!. well they better start thinking of plots fast cause fans are getting annoyed and there is a tendency for then to lose their fans if they keep their shizz like this.

Well guys i hope you enjoyed that ONE TREE HILL UPDATE!

*i havnt bought a pair of shoes in a very long while. i feel naked *

This week is awesome. the weather is pretty cool. two days of rain then a day of sunny and then another two days of rain. how structured is that shizz!

Hopefully to be out with Cattoi and Janny next wednesday. I miss those two girls! and amira as well. sigh* I dont get WOW. i mean its a cool game and all, but come on its bound to get boring once in a while. You cant possibly play the game every single day, be on top of the level standard and still continue. Well i havent spoken to a friend in a while. Hes either, wowing or dinner. Like what i tell everyone, I dont like "high maintenance" friends. I cant be the only one putting shizz loads of effort trying to keep the relationship alive. But ohwell i guess we'll just have to see. whatever. FUTURE: visiting Dubai, trips to Italy and France. Shopping in Phillipines. visit Japan. Sight see in Singapore.1 year at Holand, 1 year in switzerland, and another year in Denmark! snap!.. before that, unsw B. Science to finish and psych. to rip! (a very long way to go. sigh*)

ciao guys!

yesterday, as all my other tuesdays, WAS awesome=) when the elephant and the turtle spend their tuesdays together, NOTHING is better than that.I love you[fullstop]

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