Tuesday, January 29

hello there elves!
I wanted to say BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to William!!! yeah 18 finally. Man everyones turning eighteen this year, feel like an old bag. dont look like it THOUGH! arrggh!

Well daniies debut is coming up and I happen to be one of the people In charge with choreographing the partner dance .! YEAH baby! i want it sexy, cute, pretty, elegant, and unique. aww when it comes you abnormal and uniqueness im the man! LMAO. just ask anyone i know heheehh

well the past two days have been great. MORE THAN GREAT! its been awesome. we should have more public holidays. wahahhhh!!!

i have nothing much to say except for the sad cancellation of my tomadachi lunch with kevin, amira and sean! awww it wouldve been awesome.

Ive been calling up unsw and going there like a fart. I know where stuff are now! ohwell i guess thats better than getting lost YEAH!?

lunch with sean was awesome.
CATHY IS BACK from the philipinas!
FIELA is back from pilipinas TOO.
uni will be starting in a month! and i have to go janelles place before that happens! and CATHYS place! and atleast catch up with fiela maybe twice before it starts! ohwell. with danies debut to prepare ill be seeing thes ebunch of mofos and biatches more than expected an dtheyll be sick of me.. JUST as as planned. Bwahhaha i rule, baby

still looking for work! havnt seen the dela salle guys in a while. SO i hope i can go on saturday to this barbeque thing:S and be back on time for the dance practice! WOW. what a busy week. ITS wednesday tomorrow and FART! thats half of the week GONE.

today i just realised that i havnt watched 6 movies! and they are all due tomorrow so im chucking a late night tonight, to finish some of it.

well guys ill be off to watch dvds. TAKE CARE and hope you had an awesome Australia DAY!!

p.s. i love you.

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