Tuesday, February 26

long lists of winners from the
Academy Awards are shown in the link below
i dont like the idea of JUNO being one of the nominations, but the fact that they are makes me want to watch it and see for myself. hmm. well this is just a short blog cause i still dont have the pictures. but coming soon guys!

btw. monday was the longest day i stayed out into the park alone, reading a book. speaking of books, my books becomes a canibal everytime i read it. LMAO

Australian So You Think You Can Dance is abit wierd in many ways
-filming sucks. who the heck shows of a dance routine with an angled, diagonal and close up to the dancers, thats just insane!
-judges are too lean. jason is the best one there.
-routines are not extreme enough
-solos are of poor quality.

I expected alot australia! you've betrayed me!
well goodnight. adios!

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