Sunday, February 24

hello coffee beans! welcome to the weekend's account of the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

firstly, BELATED HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone! we spent it at school, for those of you who wants to know. yeah were nerds. and so are the others. wasnt JUST us. =p

FRIDAY: lunch with leaB at wynyard:: at 3pm met up with kevin and jason at parramatta to catch up:: went grocery shopping and got home with sister.

SATURDAY: continue choreographing dunnzis debut dance at gio's place. alot got done, but quite disappointing that not EVERYONE comes. 6pm: GIO's belated birthday party commences. i stayed and joined the party. FIRST time to be at a party with my friends. played spin the bottle which was FUN. you have to be in it to experience how much fun we had. Met a number of people a few great once were Cj and jeen. awesome guys. had a few drinks. julius and david and marvin happened to be invited, which was fantastic! oh love those guys!KAREOKE. birthday boy skulled a number of bottles. guess who comes in the middle of the party? HARVEY, yes the last person on earth you'd think of aye?!well yeah great to see the guy thought. just to make sure hes alive. FUNFUN.FOOD. FUN.sing happybirthday. serious talk. 11:00, off to home. train late, arrived home at 12am. my baby turtle slept early because he has a big day tomorrow.!SOUNDWAVE, baby

SUNDAY: dannie's debut pratice at joel's house. burned cds. gave fiela a semi manicure and pedicure. got driven to joel's place. spiders! he has a pet turtle (ngah). called sean to tell him the news.started prcatising. started Ramalama Bang Bang. [SEAN having fun at soundwave. missed madina lake because there was a huge crowd so they couldnt see. michelle calls and tells him about the turtle.]a few people came so it was pretty good. positions CANNOT be worked out unless everyone is there! gahhhh! driving me nuts. cathy backing out is NOT an issue. on the other hand, people who doesnt seem the least interested and those who do not give the maximum effort in doing the dance is just wasting their time and the others time. i think those who cant come to practices(unless they make up for it by coming to a previous one or learning from someone else asap) should be out of the dance immediately. but hey im mean and im a perfectionist and not everyone is. its not my party so i wont make a big deal oout of it.I JUST HOPE, that we dont scatter ourselves like ashes on the stage because of the burning sensation of not having prepared for it thoroughly.sigh* 5:40 cathy and bin drops me off ashfield station. off to buy fruits for the kids. got home. watched One Tree Hill episode 8 (latest episode). watched So You Think You Can Dance. Sean calls. still out with mates. Soundwave finished. off to go get something to eat. and then will call me soon. (atm, im hungry)

that is a filled weekend. sigh* so tired

pictures from Gio's party should hopefully be up asap but for now ill post some from tuesday (the chill day with sean at my house)

justcrue, baby

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