Saturday, February 16

hello everyone, this is sean blogging for the first time in ages! ever since i got a job! its always been michelle! but yeh, its lately just been uni stuff getting organised. different officers, different problems, freaking enrolment and yeh! spending time with my precious michelle and enjoying her presence while i have any time i can with her, cause i have work now and its not like the school days when i can see her everyday! and yeh.

ive been having lunch with different people all the time! with my michelle who is so clumsy and lovable.

"what the...theres boost here"

and also with my brothers who i see every so often. gaeshak who i owe a debt for cause he shouts me lunch everytime and yeh! he's the best man! and also shamma, where we get food from his moms food place in town hall. its really nice shiz! its called north indian cuisine or something! but the butter chicken is mad! another mad place for food is nsw leagues club! its food is freaking awesome! the aussie and thai food is the best. just went for lucn with my michelle, cathy and janelle a couple of days ago and yeh! theyre so funny!

"cathy: you guys are so cute, you're gonna make me cry with your stories! *bangs table*
sean: ok, she's drunk."

and yeh, uni will be starting soon! a whole new phase in our lives! i miss seeing everyone at school everyday! but yeh, things move on and things change and blah blah!

i love you forever and a day. you make me fly without wings. i hope you know that.

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