Thursday, February 28

ahh rain rain go away come again another...six months. errr hmm
ARCHITECTURE is cool specially my baby's designs.
Cashmere mafia is also a cool show! WATCH IT!

yesterday janelle visited the mighty B-- resident. she gave me photos from gio's, we took photos with my webcam for memories, we talked and talk and ate pizza and we talked and talked more. Time flew when we talk, so we forgot all about baking banana bread. as the end of her visit came near, we rushed making the banana bread cause that was the main initial plan. she left as it was left in the oven for 50mins. I tasted it when it was done and YUMYUMYUM. i have to tell you guys about our short walk to the bus stop. janelle was walking ahead of me and we were only inches from the bus stop, she noticed the beez flying around the tree just at the bus stop THE VERY SAME time these bunch of fart nuts from there car drove off and screamed like a pregnant baby. the sight of janelle screaming and running for about 2 metres was priceless. OFCOURSE, i was startled as well, who wouldnt man.!? he was loud. and for a second, it actually made me wonder if it was me who screamed. LMAO. well great way to end the day. the bus was neither late nor early. IT just vanished!. so weird. never use to happen.

ill leave you know with pictures from Gio's and some from my webcamy!
happy birthday.
dare:spin the bottle


webcam images in next post!

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