Sunday, January 20

Today was the first time ive ever watched the tennis and actually loved it..hmm this is unusual but definitely a good sign. the week will be slightly packed with stuff with my love and a few friends and alot of family stuff. Getting ready to go philippines so shopping to do. NOT that we can shop heaps cause theres a certain load you can carry..hehe so i guess theyll have to be slowing things down with the luggage there and back.

anyway, i think were watching cloverfield on tuesday, why tuesday, cause its cheap. bwahahh this blog wont be long simply because i have nothing to write about.

AT least not at the moment. 3 hours ago and even 1/2 hour ago, i had heaps of stuff on my mind BUT now, theres none.

I was going to have this movie review but ill leave that for later. Just to remind me of the title, its called "Something New" its great. ACTUALLY illmake a short review now.!! bwhaha.

Its about this african american lady(:s) who is too worked up about her job and at the same time yearning for someone she can spend her happiness with. Shes pretty rich so she practically have almost everything. Anyway, she starts to "Let go and Let flow" and agrees to a blind date. This blind date became the focal point of issues such as Love, work and Race. Its a good movie. Not a waste of time. However, you, watching it, might feel like the movie have been going on for hours and yet not drawing to a finish, just be patient. its entertaining and awesome. I think the white guy is Australian. Im not sure, he just looks familiar.

I rate this movie, 3.75/5

On a totally different context, during the manly trip, i spotted this ever so hot looking guy.and his HOTNESS, i think is worth sharing. But dont expect me to share him with anyone (not even you). He's MINE.

well geeberslosereggheads GOODNIGHT

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