Saturday, January 19

University of New South Wales is having the crue baby.
i am so farting stressed and so close to swearing my head of until my tonsils fall apart. This is the kind of stress that makes me wanna bash the heck out of something.

its crap how, all your time, you spend helping people out and when you are the one who needs help, no one can care less. Well i had a great discussion with a person today who taught me so much. Its true that there are thing people cant do together. There comes a point in everyones life that you just have to look out for yourself. The human race may no be 100percent like animals, but we have competition. And this is what makes us identical. In the world of animals, survival is crucial and in our world, this too is very important. dddfftrrhgfckry
well anyway, life is great. everyone deserve to have a great life. Sometimes there can be awesome ups and detrimental downs. but its the way you overcome everything and climb up again that matters.

Uni enrolment is veryvery stressing. Maths is slapping me on the face as i research through my courses. and i keep going back to the same site and reading the same thing for the past 24hours. I have mixed emotions. During year twelve all ive been talking about is how to get into uni and how happy i will be to study JUST psychology, but now im stressed. THEN again im happy and excited cause I cant wait to start studying again. which makes me impatient to enrol, which brings me up to my next stress point.

BUT all is fine now. just GO WITH the flow! I will relax like max.

{unintended spoiler warning}
THE BEST MAN aka UNHITCHED (2005) is definitely something to watch. Its another one of those british comedies that sometimes you get annoyed of but its awesome. Its not a blockbuster movie but its not a waste of time either.
Its about a guys who is going through a writers got and got fired. When things are getting crapier for him, he becomes a best man for his friend. During the engagement party, he meets tha bride to be out in the balcony by accident and she lies that she isnt the bride. AND so he falls inlove with her, not really inlove but maybe liked her. But he finds out later that she is thebride so he now has to hide his feelings. On the other hand, his awesome bestfriend, played by seth green
helps a brother out behind his back. Funny stuff begin to happen at the same time, awesome lovey stuff begin to grow.
The movie is the about fighting for the right thing. To parahrase one of the actors speeches, sometimes you gotta do what your heart tells you too and now what you think is right. and i think its a great one.
well i recomend this for normal viewing. DONT expect much but entertainment. i RATE this movie 3.5/5
well guys thats all for now. Im the only one blogging alot cause i have time. hehhe I have posponed my search for employment simply because of the fact that, its when you need it the most that you cant find it. SO i stopped. IF its meant to be then its meant to be, itll find me.. bwhahahha awesome theory mate!
BTW.. the giant squid can grow up to 3 basketball courts long! thanks addi for info. heheh WE were both wondering how GOOD/BAD itll taste like.. it should taste FINE!! apparently it eats whales! NO wonder people die out in the ocean hehhe. AND no wonder whales get extinct, they eat them. LOL heh thats my conclusion if you dont like it then i dont reakky have the slightest care to them. Im not an animal person.
well tc guys. paalam. hangang sa muli

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