Monday, January 21

For people who wants to become baristas then this course is pretty awesome. If you have any questions dont ask me, but contact them directly. Im just another one of those people who is contemplating whether i should do it cause i might be needing it soon or not because itll be a waste of time and i wont be needing it. Well as you know, I want to work at Max Brenners and its has always been a fantasy of mine to make my very own Belgium Waffles (max's style, baby) LOL. well here are the info hope it becomes useful to you guys.

COFFEE SCHOOL 113 Arundel St Glebe NSW 2037
Barista Course Level 1
Every Saturday & Tuesday 10.30am - 1.30pm

-Coffee machine operation
-Foaming silky milk correctly
-How to make each coffee on the menu
-Using & setting the coffee
-Grinder Cleaning & maintenance of equipment
-Accredited Barista Certificate
-Job referral
-Free DVD: The Complete Barista's Guide
= $130 Single $125 Each/Couple $120 Each/Group of Three

Im not sure how long the course go for cause it doesnt say. Just call them up.

MOVIE: Shoot 'Em Up
STARRING: Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci.
There is only one word that can serve this movie some justice, AWESOME. If the storyline is compared to the filmic and action aspect of this movie, all i can say is, with a movie like this, thinking about the story would be the last thing you would do. Who couldve known someone can creat gun traps and who wouldve thought about diving into a pool of 50 armed men only holding a 9millimetre hand gun, well Mr Smith (clive owen) did. Everythign he does are just pure perfect. This movie should win the best merketing strategy for encouraging carrots (sucked in Bugs Bunny) and influencing kids to eat their veggies(too bad its rated R18 in Australia). BUT just a funny and great movie. Its artistically, brilliantly, hilariously, authentically, fantastically, action packed-ly GREAT!! i recommend this to anyone who likes action and wouldnt mind a little bit of laughter here and there. GUYS youll love this, so what if theres no jessica alba hooker, theres monica bellucci breast feeding hooker=). AND who wouldve known Paul Giamatti can be "unfunny". This is the first "serious" movie ive watch with him IN a starring role. Anyway just plain awesome. Not for kids(DONT DO IT!) theres a reason why its rated as it is. Buy the DVD or rent it and then when your kids grow a little bit older THEN you let them watch it. MAKE it a "SON, YOU ARE NOW A MAN" present.
i rate this movie, 4.99/5.
Hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

going out tomorrow. tomorow will be anish's last day here in australia....for a month. lol.
TAKE CARE ANISH!!!we'll miss you. thanks for the books again!


p.s. i miss you

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