Wednesday, December 12

whatup yo!
went to the beach with the homies on monday! was pretty fun except the stupid weather which was so unpredictable and yeh. but it was all cool!got to bondi and established a spot on the sand where we could leave our stuff and go swim!half swam, the other half didnt, cause they though it was too cold! but oh well! the water is fun to play in! went for a swim, then got out and ate lunch. we bought some fish and chips and brought it into maccas to eat. dont these shop owners in bondi love beachies who come in and pile sand on the floor?

HAHA! well, we ate, then halfway through, anish and lauren came to stay with us! went back on the beach, went for another swim and then just bummed around on the shore for a while. then everyone got changed and stuff, then we headed to westfield in bondi! damn, that is one big and sophisticated shopping plaza! i probably designed it! LOL!! nah. but its really nice! then yeh, headed home. most people caught the other train, but errol, michelle + i got this one that didnt stop at lidcombe. yeh, twas a funny ride. anywho, heres some pictures for looking at!

i miss you elephant.

im gonna go get some ice cream niggers. peace.

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