Wednesday, December 12

GOOD AFTERNOON earthlings.
beach was great. thats the word that im going to use to describe it because, i find the presence of people who came just great. the weather however did not cooperate as efficient as i wanted it to be. it was so sunny when we were INSIDE mcdonalds and cloudy when we started to swim! during the afternoon time, it started to get really cloudy and cold, so thats when the camera became in handy. And there was also this point when the water became so violent and i ended up so far away from the shore that i could no longer touch the sand. In addition, the waves were so violent. Its like someone pissed them off or something. It was scary! But im just blessed that someONE was there to get me out of "trouble" the others just didnt care. BLOODY tall people! FART THEM.

here are some thing for you guys to satiate your inner desires for images, fine theyre funky pictures alright.

the end. see you creatures soon.

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