Sunday, December 9

why is the weather so unpredictable now a days? ONLY humans can be unpredictable!

itll probably THUNDER tomorrow and i am on the beach, well IM NOT COMING BACK home. BUT if it thunders on my way to the beach, then itll be somewhere else.

btw! recomended movies to watch to PAST TIME these holidays. FORGET about worrying about your results. relax a bit lovelies.
- Music and Lyrics (romance/comedy)
- You, Me and Dupree (comedy)
- The Family Stone (comedy)
- Picture Perfect (comedy/romance)
- Failure to Launch(romance/comedy)
- Snakes on a plane(action/comedy)
- Nacho Libre(comedy)

I have this idea right, since ive been watching a few dvds EVERYDAY, on the times im bothered, Ill be writing about the plots and simply making a review about the movies worth commenting about. Ill have some spoilers. so im warning those who would be flicking through this blog. theres will be a beware warning on the post anyway. SO itll be fine, ill be putting one JUST BEFORE i start writing.

well goodnight guys. sleeptight. have a great day tomorrow

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