Wednesday, December 5

err not a florist anymore. sometimes in life people need to step up to what they think is right for themselves. Last week i learnt that mainlanders are VERYVERYVERY thrifty and its not a stereotype anymore or a joke. ITS TRUE! who in the world, that works for 23 hours a week with no proper breaks, DOESNT WANT TO BE PAID?? and who other that the owner would care for the shop? my boss in this flower shop is living in a fairy tale land. she todl me that all her employees ONLY care about money and not the shop. well obviously, its not theirs. But although i only worked with angela for a day, ill miss her. shes cool! ohwell NOW im back to zero money, always have. christmas is even closer BUT im alright, if the job comes ill get it, if not then ill get SOME from my parents, otherwise ill live off scabbing and shouts. lifes GOOD.

WEST AFRICAN dancing is freakn tiring. but we came out alive so were cool. and i couldnt ignore this "unusual"person in the dance class who had hair on her armpits and shaved legs! what the hell! shouldnt you AT least do it vice versa. my eyes are still sharp, and in a split second i could tell that her armpit hairs wasnt that MUCH it wasnt thick at all, therefore prompting the idea that IT was not neccessary to shave her legs. but she did her legs and not the armpits. hmmm. confussed. our instructor is funny. he has this funny but cool african accent and by the end of the lesson, he subliminally thought us how to count in whatever language he used.

Pizza hut hot and spicy IS AWESOME. by far the most awesome pizza ive ever had (but i LOVE any pizza). "black cat" in the city (surryhills) entices my curiosity. hmm if anyone know what it is, tell me about it.!LOOKING forward to doing some dance lessons in SYDNEY dance company. hope ill get to do contemporary or jazz. whatever is on in the AM. brothers birthday coming up. includign everyone elses birthday!..awww man this time LAST YEAR, i was spending and driving up inflation, NOW, im a meer reflection of the coming recession. ahhhh. SAVE.

sean's place has a special aura, now that its cleansed. I love his place but his hair is alright. i miss side burns! its funny how i hated side burns and now ive learnt to love it. change is inevitable. change is awesome, no matter how bad it can be. change happens for a reason!

today is WILD WEDNESDAY and now that i dont have anything to do, MORE rental videos are a MUST. facebook is ok. NO i am not ignoring my values! geez grandpa. more blogs if theres anything interesting that happens. NOT that my blogs are interesting anyway! most of all more time IN BED.

i talk in semi random subjects SO youll just have to farting keep up the annoyance that i may portray once in a while.

still needing australian flag bikinis.

go take a shower you stink.

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