Friday, November 30

Rose for you
florist; bouquet; boxes; rose petals; sponges; corsages and button holes; any occasion
order in person:
- Shop 5A Ashfield Mall, Ashfield NSW 2131
- Phone: 97160277
or you can order online (which i may say have hectic collections for flower arrangements)
theres also international deliveries
foot aches. lastnight i had a semi movie marathon in solitude. first i watched Trust the Man, which was boring as. and after that, ignoring the fact that i was so sleepy, for somne reason i started to watch The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vough. That movie was alright. abit NOT funny but its pretty amusing to watch. It kept me up and i didnt fall asleep with boredom. I dont advice it as much as Alfie but if you want a little bit of laugh in your movie its alright. why is it amusing? Well its funny cause it reflects very much a couples deep (hidden) affection for one another. It has the cliche girlfriend saying shes not wanted and appreciated as much and her cry for a change of respect and attitude from her boyfriend. there is a classic line here, she said soemthing along the lines of "How come You dont buy me flowers?" he answers with "But you dont like flowers!" and here goes, she comes back with "Every girl like flowers." i thought it was great because of my context. like recently weve been talking alot about flowers, hand picked or bought. whatever and now the movie mentions something similar. But its abit true. If a someone doesnt like flowers as presents or anything, THEY will still have a sense of affection and softness in their heart when given (unless he/she is allergic) a single or a bunch.

This mentality is mainly due to the "tradition" that we, as humans have been accostomed to. Ill giev you another example. Feminism. ahh the old lovely issue of feminism. Although feminists want equal opportunity and treatment as males. THEY STILL want that sense of "Hey dont say that in front of me, im a lady." or the desire for "automated" male actions towards them, like, pulling the chair out for them to sit or opening the car door or that good old "Ladies first" scenario. YEAH thats right kissas!! COME ON as if GIRLS dont want that. especially the "ladies first scenario". Yes maybe they are the reason women can vote maybe theyre the reason situations of women have dramatically changed. THATS ALL GOOD. but im talking about those "feminists" who still wants more, like jamilla (LOL). trust me, if guys treat us like how they treat their GUY mates, we would be farted*!

Alright i went into a tangent! but yeah the movie was fine. get it if you have nothing to do. alright amigos. take care and ill catch you later

turtle, my love i miss you

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