Thursday, November 29

there is no better way to start the day but with a phonecall.

this week has been weird for some reason. there has been a few instability in terms of thoughts and feelings. BUT hey im alive and im happy today. this week had soem confusing days, happy days, and ecstatic days. the highlight of this week, besides my ever so beautiful turtle is that i have a job at the florist in ashfield mall. Its pretty awesome. ive only been training for the past two days, the jobs pretty relaxing, creative and overall FUN. it gets boring when customers dont come as frequent as yoru average supermarket, ie Kmart, but on the other hand, you wouldnt want then to come every minute cause it takes time to wrap and arrange flowers. For those of you who thinks wrapping flowers and arranging them, that will successfully resonate the price, bring your ass to teh shop and we'll see what you have you crap sucking shart head! the truth is, florists are highly skilled and talented and am very fortunate to be working with such experienced workers. well i hope training goes great, cause i cant wait making arrangements on my own. Its just crap that not everyone in the family is happy with my work. But then again, no work is ever safe or good enough. but yeah the flower shop is great. SOON ill be learning how to make corsages! YESSS. and then is i get fully employed, then i start saving up for that guitar down there or better, but obviously my needs, comes first.

one of the things that annoyed me this week was when people dont stick to the plan and walking from central to broadway to central and to townhall. WHO the heck does that!? and considering my non athletic stature my feet are GONE. although, I saw elle and its was great seeing her. havnt seen the girl for a long ass time and its was awesome to see her and her family! lol definitely gave me enough energy two walk a few metres. and then i was DOWN again!bt at the end of the day i HAD maxbrenners and a job at the flowershop. not to mention the cool day i had the day BEFORE(monday). well todays thursday and its shopping day, and No i dont have money for shopping YET. christmas is coming and im excited!

lastnight i watched ALFIE. its an old movie with Jude Law and as much as i hate Jude's face. the movie was NOT at all BAD. and i definitely recommend it for viewing. i got a number of dvds yesterday form civic's wacky wednesday promo in order to spend my time "productively" with information on relationships, love and problems within it. havnt joined facebook yet. i will when i finish this blog! to end the blog with pictures is always recommended. these pics are from ages.

Graduation dinner.

This is RETRO

and this is POP CULTURE

remind you of anyone. YEAH! kissas.

adios amigos

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