Sunday, November 25

yesss!! christmas is coming people. i love the christmas aura, everyone is happy and everything and the shops are all decorated with dogs and trees. well, today, i went for a skate - this is like the first time in like 2 weeks! far out! it felt like ages. but it was cool. i just realised i need to buy new picks, so irritating having to run around the house looking for a pick to play the guitar - and i dont wanna use my fingers because michelle will scream at my ugly finger nails :)

to be honest, i dont really know what i want for christmas, or maybe a new guitar (if you're gonna buy me one, its an esp mh-50) or new skateboard wheels :) like spitfire 51mm! nah, they cost too much, maybe when i start making money i'll buy them.

19th was formal, awesome night except for those f*ckers that didnt even nick the dance floor. but it was cool cause everyone that i loved was dancing, so we can just ignore those i dont like. muahaha! im so evil. dirty dancing is as hot as fire. people didnt even know they were krumping. people learn stuff from so you think you can dance. the afterparty was ok, butreally i wanted something different.
the next day was cool, i got up after an hours sleep and i WASNT tired. went to circular quay and stuff. had fun like we always do. on the train slept like a baby.

we'll be dancing again soon! yes! im so excited! muahahaha!
you know what? im gonna miss sitting in those economics classes making stupid faces at michelle from across the room. im gonna miss hi 5-ing my wingman at the smallest things and pissing the english teacher off. watching the darkside boys do all the funny things.

i'll leave you with a funny picture. lol. decepticons for life yo.

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