Sunday, November 25

myroom has undergone another reconstruction. Nah its not as dramatic as it sounds but its different. during the process ive wondered how many dust mites have been living in my room and infact the whole house now. I am not a fan of old houses and i love vaccuming(i like the suction, i guess), because it makes my place look & feel clean.

Christmas is coming and i am nothing but BROKE! yesyesyes, ive gone past the broke state during this year. Im even poorer than the poorest state ive been, which was this year. BUT this wont stop me from wishing material stuff for christmas. NO WAY, i grew up believing in santa and matured not believing in him, but theres always room for imagination, right?

LIST ("To Get" list)
- shubar laser printed high heel shoes $150
- skinny jeans
- australian flag bikini

thats all. What! thats all?!
MAN i am so not materialistic as others make me out to be. in looking at my list, THESE items are actually a NEED (except for the high heels) but OMG, its NOT a want!. man if only i can convince my daddy-o. ohwell ill have to work extra hard then!

btw. VOTING wasnt so interesting. but all i know is that i contricbuted to the changes in this countries. If it turns out bad, then shoog. but if it turns out GOOD then its all because of me. bwahahha i win again.

before i leave just pics from sabrina's eighteenth. awesome party!DANCE!DANCE!

ilovethee and think about thee everytime i take a breath.

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