Saturday, November 24

the after math of the formal was more awesome. Not because of the after party (since i didnt go to any of them) but because we visited and chilled at circular quay during daytime to lunch. it was awesome cause we saw a SHIP, i called in a cruise but its bigger so it can fall under "SHIP" this ship was as huge as big (..) also today is a special day for reason i am restricted to share. just know, my fellow friends, that it is important. its funny how seeing someone asleep is so significant that you get chills down to through your spine when it happens. I love times like this. i was not so eager on going after parties btu i wouldnt mind them. the best thing this week was the train restride. here are some pics of that awesome ship and SOME familiar tourists at a tourist spot.

wednesday (out) and thursday was rest day.
FRIDAY: went to kevin's house and got introduce to the World of Warcraft. And here goes
I,(insertmynamehere) would like to apologise to those WOW players of the way ive treated them since the game was established and how biased i was in judging an awesome. No i am not addicted to the game NOR am apologising to the WOW addicts! because like addicted smokers, I hate you guys! try to live life my fellow friends. Dont be addicts. Anything more or too little of something is BAD for your health (except MUSIC). Well i wish you all goodluck with this great game of killing, motion skills, coordination, and monetary, and social skills that you may gain. For those who are not gaining anything productive from it, ITS TIME to get off the damn computer and learn something that will get in your head. see yah

and the next chapter will go on.

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