Thursday, November 22

what: APHS FORMAL 2007
when: 19.11.2007 / 7pm-12am
where: Dockside, cockle bay wharf, darling harbour

FORMAL was great, its like what formal was meant to be: you have the battle of the dresses, always the one with the outraguous fashion sense trying to contrast the crowd, friends, girls with blisters at the end of the formal whinning there foot hurts but really its their fault for not trying out the shoes' fitting before buying them (just to clear things up, foot blisters are cause by friction not by the pressure of standing or dancing all night), alot of justin timberlake wanna be's who looks alright and good thing i didnt anyone who wrecked the look, lets not forget about the "not so social" people who didnt even lift a leg for a damn picture let alone a few walk to the dance floor, there are the sexy couples with continuous "dirty dancing"(as they calll it, involving grinding, and kissing) with eachother, girls boobs about to fall off cause the stylist ran out of threads to put the fabric together, gotta love the battons, cute couples, girls with periods (that hates mother nature for dating her periods on such an occasion), group pictures that becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger,there was food which was not at all fullfilling but who cares the night is for dancing and pictures, and most of all lets not forget about the after parties (wasnt in any but i dont care. I didnt look like a fool BUT i got the goss! SNAP! i guess i just win in life.) ONE THING that was unique about this formal was the awards that our formal operators did. maybe there was some votes that were rigged (dont pretend you dont know, we all do) but never the less it was FOR FUN. who cares who got what, the best thing is IT WAS FUNNY. man after seeing guys torso that I for one is not a fan off but alot of girls and maybe guys are, WHO COULD BE HAPPIER! we had a CRAP dj who knows how to mix BUT NOT WELL. but again, who cares, we had fun, our feet hurts, we became HOT and sweaty, which btw was all that matters because sweat and heat turns people on. for all the denying bastards (illegitimate sons and daugthers, in this sense) fart you all. dont tell me you didnt get turned on when theres a girl booty shaking in front of you and heat generates. if you didnt then man, change your crowd, oxford street is ALSO in the city. OVERALLthe dance floor was hot.

lastly, thecrue:: no matter where, itll be FUN.

....and the formal ended at 12 am 20.11.2007

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