Friday, December 7

the holidays are becoming cool and everything! i do miss school for seeing friends and stuff but yeh! today we went to parra, and it feels like forever since i went there cause im used to seeing it when i go to school everyday! but yeh, bought some singlets and these random little gift boxes! we saw a whole bunch of arthur phillip kids and even saw MARK! apparently he got hooked up! but yeh, said hi and everything, went to gloria jeans and drank sweet stuff and yeh!
yesterday my good old friend jamie came over, everything we did was so funny! the good old ninetys!

michelle came over aswell on tuesday and chilled. it was super super cool! tommorrow we'll be going marks house, so probably get some pics up for that! PHILIPINO FOOD! LOL! theres gonna be heaps of it, and it should be fun!
i shall say more stuff later! bye bye!

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