Tuesday, July 10

random shix that i wanted to blog about.
-i called BROWNIE up yesterday and she is still the same.
-importantlesson#1: must always be aware of the days parents have their day offs.
-tara loves chellanie and rohan!
-i think im creative.

-i think mel's funny

-akila is FARTing awesome and cool.
-spice girls suck.
-i dont like the song "Big Girls Dont Cry" yet it reminds me of someone i love.Damnit!
-COLLIDE come back!
-change is sometimes scary FART! so does that mean there wont be a wedding! ahhh FART

crazy stuff we do for eachother are freaking memorable man! Unforgettable shiz.
without you, days are darker and nights are longer. I think YOU invented time dilation.
tell that bloody technician to FARTing hurry up cause i FARTing miss cybersean.
WELCOME BACK! baby i hope you enjoy your internet. Id like to see some changes on the web with you back OK -_-

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