Sunday, July 8


Happy Birthday Schoolcaptain

Its funny how, its during the holidays that the blog is in stationary and whilst exams we FIND time to write even a short blog. BUT NOT DURING THE HOLIDAYS. I think One tree hill has completely ended. After 4 seasons of cries and smiles, ITS finished! Heroes are also on pause. So basically i have a superfluous amount of gigabytes that will be utterly wasted.

Today is the big curry cuisine that my sister, brother and I have been looking forward to since the day we got invited, Thursday. and NOW its here! at 6:30 the feast will begin. we wont be eating too much during the day so we could "chuck a Lea" later.

Holidays were slightly packed, not with school work. Not a good sign! The first week was the "OUT" week. So i SHOULD leave this week for school. SInce i have MAJOR(alot, big, gigantic, huge) work to do for the major work! I wrote on friday morning, which was really good. After 4 weeks of stationary writing. I finally got some stuff writen on my new journal. BUT theres MORE work to do. ITS freakin scary even thinking about it. During this week, i panicked cause i thought the HSC exams starts on september 26. But was rest assured, when someone told me that it was october 26! A sense of RELIEF i cannot begin to desribe.

Monday akitara.visits! Go the Bootipalas
Wednesday was ecstatic!I will take this opportunity to congratulate VERONICA for failing to make a surprise party and STILL managed to make it a blast for both the celebrant and the visitors! GREAT JOB (thats a compliment from me, w/o sarcasm). Kevin's house was again, awesome. havnt been to that place in ages! I love the toungueing man game!"YEAH! I tongued you Sean" LMAO. Cheap shotters are cowards! LMAO.
Thursday was a family/embassy/ hectic day. We drove from one side of australia to the other. Ashfield-Eastwood-City. CRAZY! but we were in wheels so its fine.
Friday was the TSR shopping spree. YES it was FUN, that i was with the two coolest people on Earth. and FRUSTRATING that i dont have money and farting INFLATION is pushing the prices UP! I dislike the economy's inflation and my poverty. IT DOES NOT GO WELL!

Saturday was yesterday. and all i can say is, it was a "great day". i LOVED it.

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