Wednesday, July 11

ive had no internet for 4 days. F-WORD! this morning the technician came in to change everything and it works now :)
well, holidays have been pretty sick! i have a major work to do.

tuesday third: went to watch transformers with my primary dudes! theyre the best! and i saw everyone that day too. phong, kumo, peter, stephanie, etc. and we went searching for jobs for daniel and jamie! funniest stuff ever.

wednesday fourth: majas 'surprise' party in the morning. pretty cool stuff. and then kevins place! PLAYED NARUTO! i like that game. tongues and stuff.

friday sixth: tsr shopping day. kevin's rich, but still, we cant keep up with inflation. had pho and stuff and it was fun.

saturday seventh: was the best. indescribable, and no need for description.

and thats about it so far.
"i think im on another planet with you."

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