Friday, July 13

watch this,
thursday was one of the crue-est days of my life. spent it with the wild elephant, etc. too divine for words.

my skatepark is coming to shape. muahaha. i win. flip tricks
are sexy, but not the sexiest thing in the world.

we're playing teenage dirtbag for graduation. old school shizzle!

"we warned you man, WE FREAKING WARNED YOU!"

mm bop! i need to get my spraypaint out again.

i can smell/ feel your essence all over my room.

holidays are over and this is the LAST term of school we'll ever have. its sad to think that there'll be HEAPS of things leaving us, but also grateful that A LOT MORE will stay. A FEW things i know are:

- my elephant is staying forever. forever. forever. forever. forever...
- tsr will always be tsr. the blimp is the blimp.
- some of my darkside brothers will be there.

but the future is cool. we'll have jobs we've passionately longed for. houses with chillout rooms and living with cool people, or even better, crue people [the best.]

we'll have money for OURSELVES and buy the stuff we've always wanted, people will get married and the crue will be at their weddings, people will become homeless and ask you for help (AYAZ.), people reunite at the 10 year reunion, people will travel (a couple will go to hawaii), people will live with the ones they freaking love, people will have kids, people will raise protege's, people will become PROFESSIONALS, but most of all - some people will never get out of bed, the black and white heaven.

people will become
psychologists-michelle*lick*, kevin
sports people-sabrina and lea and stuff.
economics people-anish, maja, etc...
designers-shamma, cathy, thi ...and! ME!
IT people-prasad
army people-akshay
teachers-veronica, paul
consultant people-shonit
medical/science-SHHAGA! nimit, etc.

...but some things will never change, and thats period.


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