Saturday, May 12

monday: happy birthday LAWRENCE! (mind blank.ill insert more text here later)
tuesday:olympic park has nice grass on a specific spot in a specific position and with a specific person.
wednesday: mother's day is coming up!
thursday: MAY is freakin sexy.
(mish goes to the bin at hungry jacks)
(someones opens the bin for her, she looks up)
mish: oh hello!
(mish realises that she is an utter freak.)
romeo: hello.
friday: i will always love the awesome train journey with you.
myWILYEN is so cool!..
saturday:IMISSTHEFILIPINOES ian is bloody crazy. jackNandrea are the bomb.jet is freakin hectic.alright his car exists and is a pretty cool driver.*ithink*. david is still hot.rudolph is cool. and the others were awesome. i enjoyed the day guys.until next time!

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