Friday, May 25

this week has been abit BUMPY, but the journey was cool. LOL too much english. but yeh, i like the journey, even if it has DIFFICULTIES!
  • monday was abit of a dilema when someone didnt wanna EQUAL, or LOSE to someone else. *sigh.
  • tuesday was cool. i got to have lunch with the curries for the first time in a long time. ozhin is freakin funny. also journeyed to chatswood for no real reason, an escape really. a BLUR of REALITY.
  • wednesday, i had my physics practical. it was freaking hard like a butch.
  • thursday, we started 'telling the truth' and it was funny. kevin and i were freaking ripping our table with arguments. theres is no such thing as truth, only opinion people! also went to eat with jason, amira, lea and the elephant after school. it was funny.
  • today, was PRETTY COOL! because the afternoon was spent well and EVERYONE WAS HAPPY and yeh. i got a new beanie and i think im a psychic. really, i am. at school, we were also comparing mullets and mines the coolest.
i have realised that i cant have everything i want, just a thought. i wanted to be a designer, pro skater, music producer, train rider (a person that rides on trains forever and ever with the important one) , and etcetera etcetera. IM glad, that the ones i care about most are now HAPPY and not stressing over NOTHING. AND! from last week's athletics carnival:

the best one ever. most memorable 100m race in aph history and i shared it with the best.
love, miss, crave,

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