Saturday, May 12

i had a nice afternoon on monday, a freaking awesome outing on tuesday arvo and a sick train ride on friday:)
today i got my bass fixed by my teacher, so it doesnt crackle anymore! man, i was so freaking happy that thing was smoothly playing again. one thing could have made the day better.
on monday i have to do this speech for something, i dont know. i showed the teacher my draft. she thinks im an extremist. im not, i just dont like people that tell me what to do.
i was planning on getting these new skate shoes on friday, but the father had no money that day, so i gotta wait. GRR!! i havnt went for a skate in like ages, i'll try to go tommorrow :) "rise with the fallen"
athletics carnival on thursday, cant wait because its like a free day where i teach people how to skate :) EVERYONE HAS TO COME!
i love these long train rides to nowhere. i love the people that come with me even more.
"a life without you in it, is a life thats not worth living; i'll be strong, but i wish i was someone else, anyone but me; tonight"
"what if i was strong enough to breathe, without you, in my life"

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