Tuesday, April 10

YESTERDAY was veronica and ademir's seventeenth BIRTHDAY! and i love then both!
TODAY was a great day because i spent most of the day at veronica's PLACE. too bad i couldnt sleep OVER it wouldve been FUNFUNFUN. ohwell the DAY was marvellous. I met new people, chick named sharin and a guy named andrew both former aphs students. sharin is loud! andrew cant take GOOD pictures together theyre typical curries!. LOL they were surprised that im half lankan, especially andrew. and then i was updated with the previous couples/flirtings/sexualassaults/**tching from everyone and MAN i love knowing all these stuffs.bwahaha. RISHI is a Sk*nky horse!lol dw youre still my friend=)
veronica's dog LICKED my pants, i didnt feel as much violated as how TINTIN made me feel:S
LOVED the whole day shading everyones eyelids with beautiful colourful eyeshadows!

all i could think about whilst sitting on that chair were how your hands used to be around me at the very moment and the very place at one point in time

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