Saturday, April 14

alright. THIS week was pretty pretty cool (not as GRANDE as fiela though) BUT very very awesome. VERONICA's party was cool as mentioned in the last post. WEDNESDAY was shopping day/night which is has very much reached its cruciality. and up until today im still not satisfied because i want more, in fact i NEED more. i buy alot of stuff for my siblings and friends but for some ODD reason the equal amount of money seem less when it is spent on me (physics concept? id like to know). enough about materialism.

I miss fhi. I havnt had a proper talk with her in ages. shes so busy with this RAIN person. LOL. hes Ook i guess BUT man i hope i get that special treatment whenever i leave australia or come back to australia (friends coming to see me at the airport) -_- OR ELSE!

FRIDAY was extatic mainly cause there was a TSR outing. man i love those guys. LIEU looked cool/expensive so i wont argue. tran, well ill leave it to his dad. LOL im so joking. after a whole week of not seeing him i think i didnt care about what he looked like. I was more focus on his lovely smile which made me smile, which was eventually obvious for everyone to see :S ahhhhh!
had lunch at tomodachi.
MR BEAN wasnt worth watching in the cinemas. but honestly i also didnt care simply because, a whole day outing with these guys and him next to me, i couldnt ask for more. In addition, i saw the two ever awesome, i havnt seen for so long, RACHEL and VANESSA. awww i miss those crazy girls. man. i shouldnt be like this. I should start catching up with them. it IS my resolution and its deteriorating as the clocks tick. im going to go crazy!
and then

i LOVED my lovely train back.

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