Tuesday, April 17

no pictures today guys, so you gotta imagine it for yourselves.

from 9-12 was this english workshop thingo and it was alright cause i got to see everyone again. EVERYONE. william and shamma, havnt seen them in freaking ages. and kevin and jason, the junkie HAHAHA!! and marica and vinil and the rest. but most of all, the day was brightened up by my lovely elephant! god how much i love that thing, ive run out of word for how much i f*cking adore that awesome thing.

anywho, the people were riding my board and stuff.

after that was lunch and then our plans were slightly altered to go and visit the wingman's house. t'was quite fun. showed them how to ride a skateboard and just did random stuff. just chilled for the couple of hours and dropped to the station by cindy. took the train home.

i love the way you lie on me, and the way e..

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