Thursday, April 19

how are dreams made?

up until now, almost eighteen years of dreaming, i still dont know how dreams are made. ohwell itll take ages to even figure out one aspect how much more the whole thing. LIEU says that you dream about stuff that has happened or your thoughts right before you sleep. i hope not:S
i mean spiders, bridges, flying, kisses, and hugs, err hmm maybe i think about SOME of them but still.!

Tennis on friday i hope i go. i should, cause i need to chill before my ultimate study..NOT
umm i dont know who that "ran" from the tagboard, but to answer his/her question, no we dont just blog whenever we go out, we blog whenever we feel like..BUT YES we rarely go out..LMAO

i love seeing my lovely friends one at a time throughout the week, first it was rachel, then jade then yesterday i saw angelique.! ahhh the only one left to see is miss leanne.

bye everyone. enjoy your weekends:)

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