Saturday, April 21

be "THE" Ex

hey boys and girls. this issue has been on my mind ages ago and i thought i should blog it BUT i havnt had the chance. I always forget what to write when i get on here and all i can think about is the top stuff and the most important ones. but yeah.

Thing is i dont get the issue of the "Ex". Maybe i do but the thing i dont understand is the part where you can just forget someone just like that and call him/her your "ex". Maybe this doesnt apply to some but im generalising here. theres nothing wrong with generalising. Anyway. what i think (for the girls especially) is that yes maybe somethings arent meant to be and yes, you cant just hold on to the wrong person the whole time just for the sake of not getting any hearts broken but lets face it things happen and people at least have had their hearts broken at least 3 times in their life. But my point is, why not be the "Ex" that he wont forget. Do new stuff that he havnt done in his entire life so that if ever you guys break up, he'll be doing those stuff with his new partner and STILL have YOU in his mind. LOL. thats all im saying. instead of being just another "Ex" be "THE Ex".

Anyway. all done. thats all . I just thought anyone who reads this blog, gets to read THAT. hehhe if it didnt make sense, well, it was flawlessly arranged on my mind. and im sorry.

MY week was great. aww. i SO need to study really hard now. Because of my vigorous outing, non-stop gossips on meeting up, money wasting on both me and friends, lovely phone conversations, thinking/dreaming, and "gnilkniwt avilas gnignahcxe snoitcus", this week.

TSR pride! I must say, the western suburbs has large proportion of empty land compared to the city suburbs sigh*!


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