Sunday, April 29

hello hello hello.
first of all i would like to say HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to MARK on the 26th of APRIL. cool guy that one.
I was playing GUNBOUND today. an okey game i must say but it gets boring waiting for your turn. ill try not to get addicted cause thats just a waste of freakin time if i do. Slept at 1 this morning. pretty cool i havnt stayed on msn that late in a while so it felt different.

This week was awesome cause, It was the first week of school and i get to see those charming faces that i have missed over the holidays. Nevertheless, this week i get to stare at my adorable little crue boy who is extremely fond of me.

Anzac Day was great cause it was more organised than last year=) so i'd give my little src a round of applause for that. I had my anthem debut on anzac day which was an honour having to sing it in front of the student body with leaB next to me.
In addition, i would also love to express my deepest joy to see lovely miami on that day. i missed that girl so much and i almost forgotten about the little one. aww it was nice to see everyone else. KEVIN!!! yeah.!! Also, the progress of the formal comittee have been apparent today. the place is'nt a five star hotel, but the waterview would take my breath away and with you are with the people you love, and care about, the experience is priceless. with formal news, comes formal preparation, contemplation, planning, for the girls at least. and of course the AFTERPARTY(shamma). looks like me and shamma are the only ones getting hyped up for the alcohol!. LOL. honestly i am not bothered to plan an after party no matter how much id love to have one. BUT we shall see. nothing is too late yet. and besides, one of the best times ive had in life, did not come from long term planning but from a number of abrupt and rapid decisions and for those who really know me, they'll know what im talking about. BUt anyway, formal is a long way away however, i have some advices for the:
- GUYS do not tell the girl that you want to bring, that you'll ask her on the day before. It makes her feel like shes "that easy". so NEVER say this, "i dont even think about it, ill probably ask you on the day before"
- GIRLS "first come first served" is not understood by some guys and some of them think your a slu-gt. so dont mention it. cause they dont know, that you just say it to imply to them that they should ask you to the formal.sigh*some of them dont get the hint. ohwell.. who cares

I hope i could meet up with my ashfield treasures this tuesday. Once again i declined an invite. and i feel like POO. I totally miss them. ohwell. I will so catch up very soon;) LEANNE is freakin hectic. i miss that girl so much. SOON, very soon.

dad told me to lay off the caffeine. i dont think i can. No!!but ill try.GO THE COFFEE ADDICTS! they're better than smokers!!LOL

I LOVE DANCING. go msdenny and lawry!! i love u guys.

i think people should often reflect upon their attitude to or around the opposite sex. because both sexes are as sensitive as one another. Theres nothing wrong with being open and speaking your mind, but there is certainly a strict line between openness and arrogance; respect and disrespect. If you love and care for someone i think people should try and make sure that THEY know it. because everyone could just die in a blink of an eye and everthing you just feel will be as meaningless as dust. just a wise tip. noone NEEDS to listen and follow whatever i say.

i admit, maiwand MAY have all the money in the world.
RAW SUGAR is now non existent in westfield!! SLACK!

I like our chilling moments. because i get you to myself. you make a painting look just a little more colourful and special.

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