Saturday, April 7

my name is sean thien tran and i miss you stupid elephant.

do you like this new white blog? cause its WHITE! thursday was relaxing, as it was the lastest day of school. our english teacher was in a car crash. so we read king lear all by ourselves. shakespeare is the best man.

i got a hair TRIM for the first time in ages and now i have a skunk tail :) so on thursday, i did graphics most the day. then when i was in the freaking madest mood to play the electric, michelle and lawrence closed the music room. GRR! but, the took a guitar and i played it while i watched the lovely dance practice. showed the dance group some 360 butterfly kicks and flying kicks "DO IT AGAIN!! DO IT AGAIN DUDE!!". next time ill show you a backside flare and a low reverse turn :) i also received these awesome awesome gloves and i love them for who gave them to me, and also for what they look like AWESOME!

saw SOOBHANA! its been ages since i saw that girl. nice to see her. love the time dilation, love the hill. love life.

goals for the holidays:
do some work
visit my lovely elephant, because she is missed
master backside flip tricks
play tennis with the wingman crew
make some gifts
maybe go and watch a movie

-sean, slither

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