Friday, March 2

what a sick couple of weeks its been, and the intense pressurre of the exams and stuff is coming. this week was very very awesome,

  1. monday, we were approached by marica and asked "do you guys have kids we dont know about?" and i replied, "buy that sick retro cd player". it was school photos and everyone had sick hair dos and clean clothes! LOL! we also had an awesome photo shoot after school. oh what a feeling, TOYOTA! the crue prophecy went to eat and talk and then yeh, crushed an elephant with my hug.
  2. tuesday, was a short day - and time was playing us again. after school we went to eat and everyone left except for me, michelle and kinjoe. then stef came and took on TEN wicked wings *thumbs up*!! we left them and wet to print some photos and then went to chill on the lovely couches in front of target. ALTHOUGH it was an awesome awesome time that we spent talking about random stuff, it felt like 3 minutes. then we went into smiggle and bought these humungous clips and i love them. then went to pick up the photos, but they wernt done! ARHH!! so we went down to level one and hanged - chilled, teased, snaped. and then got the photos.
  3. wednesday was also a nice day. found out cathy's paparatzzi skills.
  4. thurday was sick. i got a new deck and the morning was chill with anish and lea. we went to buy michelle an umbrella and then up to psc for anish's collection of $130 from everyone to buy me a new skate deck and i want to thank everyone who chipped in: anish, kevin, atal, gibson, mark, akshay, hedy, william, jimmy, and etcetera. we watched the girl grip it and talked to her about random stuff. michelle OLLIED IT! and the rest of the day was nice.
  5. FRIDAY! is especially cool, because its my favourite day of the week. this elephant and i chilled after the school day. it was sickly crue. michael now knows we're married, andwe went to a shonky book sale. looked at a few design books. went to chill at our spot. walked back and saw these 2 philipinos that danced, jack and that other grl, i forgot her name! then off to train home. and "long, soothing, non crushing hugs" were given :)
enjoying life. i heart michelle b. funny woman, i dont have insomnia.
-sean, slither

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