Saturday, March 10

ill make this post short and fiesty!
THIS week is added to my list of favourite weeks NOT only because its half yearly week, WELL its has really nothing to do with tests.

LEA's house is COOOL. LOL i love her closet that we fixed!heheh GRANVILLE isnt that bad but i wstill wouldnt wanna reside there!=S
AMIRA's boxing bag is tempting!

::after a freaking longlonglonglong WHILE i finally met up with michael and his ever anticipated brother CHRISTIAN! i luv them to bits and pieces! JUST to inform everyone, THEY are getting good at what they DO [breakdance]. well they're still the same old FUNNY people. I could sit there with them laughing my head of for hours.

::MARK TUIGI is freaking awesome! i didnt study for business studies!GOSH dont doubt me for saying that and also dont ask why. BIO and FROGS dont go together! arrgh!!!

::NON valued exams are a pain in the bottom! SERIOUSLY. but its fun when you sit there with the rest of them who have their exams VALUED..bwahahaha

::I finally had the priveledge of meeting MRCANE{cane MAN} yeah GO kevin!.i have also come to discriminate the west side.IT sucks! the trip to pendlehill just reassured my hatred, or should i say dislike to the west side. HOWEVER, all things aside when an afternoon chilling is spent at a friends house in the west! I LOVE IT. swordfish might actually be GOOD! EXAMS done!

_::nothing would be complete without a mention of the one and only person im utterly fond of. NO names mentioned, but greatly recognised. after a few days of going home BY one's self, one can come into a realisation that one isn’t complete without their OTHER half. i love this week because it sets a record for the most days ive spent with you on the train to school, ITS a freakin rare occasion! too bad wednesday stuffed the perfection. but its all good.!I specially enjoyed your company on friday! relaxation was at its peak sitting next to you as i listen to your heartbeat =D I probably did not say everything here, simply because of the fact that i dont want to, or its for your ears only BUT one things for sure, YOURE frekin awesome! love the airmail.


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