Friday, March 16

THIS WEEK have been all about transformation and freakin postmodernism

FIRST of all, the concept of time dilation is freakin cool. Although i dont quite know all about it, I think its amazing. HARMONY day is on the 21st of MARCH. THATS on wednesday PEOPLE!!! pen it up on your calendars!! LOOKS like im performing. and im priveledge to be because of the fact that the line up of performers are freakin awesome! It makes me one of the GOOD ones. ME and ms LEA B. went to dance this week even though its week A. BUT the dance was GOOD! i love dancing. ME and lea started to do some fly kicks inspired by that dude in economics who decided to impress the class, BUT not me!

I BECAME A MANAGER today! I love my band..
more insight to this later! risk is metres away

continuation:: saturday
TODAY was a cloudy, ordered and a complete bunder DAY.
english was good cause i had a chance to clear up some mud in relation to the upcoming assessment on wednesday. decided to go to burwood with hopes of getting this excercise book that i desperately NEED. but the trip just reinforced the fact that I AM NEVER GOING TO LIKE THAT PLACE! sigh* and "the time that you NEED something, thats when IT goes missing!"
since i got myself a DEVIL WEARS PRADA nail filer lastweek, I figured that i should watch it! and so i did and it was mighty COOL!. ahhh THOSE shoes are just sososoSOSO awesome! pointy stilettos(YUM) dont think ill ever ger over them! BUT "other" shoes portrayed were also HOT!

TRAINride yesterday was LOVELY:: your presence will always and forever be cherished

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