Friday, March 23

time dilation is not necessary, but it happens. its just crue.

awesome week and day to write about for you people and how some things drive us crazy.

wednesday was harmonay day and i told some people to get off the stage while ozhin shouted out "NUMBER ONE!!!" in a freaking kurd accent. i have to say it was freaking funny! "power of the dream" was sung with DIVINITY!! period two came these two juniors who rung up the school with a bomb threat and we evacuated. it was fun, like any evacuation.

english assessment went by and we were FREEE!! love the helium and the tattooed balloons.

TODAY! was freaking awesome because i got to spend the afternoon with that special someone. but first, at lunch, i pigged out on a kebab before going to my afternoon maths class while it got tormented with questions. my life has 3 modes, reality, skateboarding and crueness :)

had super cool gloria jeans iced tim tams thing and then headed to chill. i realise we look like freaks everytime we do it, but its funny. then we headed of to the station, and home, until my elephant held me like a big teddybear and told me not to leave it. i was glad i didnt, cause time dilates yes? HAHAHA!! "sean, guess what? im one stop from central" "WHAT!?! YOURE SILLY!!"
'the lips of an angel twinkled on my cheeks' you'll be adored for ever and ever!
and i miss you.

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