Sunday, March 25

its sunday and the weather is dull which makes me feel lonelier! however, my day have been very very productive because i woke up early TODAY! and have been watching harry potter! LOL. of course with a little bit of studies along the way=) i think i finished topic one of business studies, goodstuff!

i have been told to blog simply because of the fact that i seem to have a very nice collection of words to make people feel loved and awesome! im joking Im sure you know i always mean what i say^_^

friday was fantastic! besides the part of the afternoon where my train went up to central and i had to get off at redfern, the whole afternoon was coolios! sabbi takes centuries to shop! LOL

timefreakindilation happens whenever im with this turtle. AND people around dont matter. i dislike how suburbs are VERY close to eachother. i just realise, its daylight saving meaning that the clocks are pushed behind an hour. THEREFORE i get an hour longer for monday to come. ohwell if you guys didnt understand my analysis just then, then dont worry. THERES no point=)
i want to apologise for doubting those i doubt. its a ME thing. i think people is not worth having "the benefit of a doubt" because its when you strat trusting them that they start to STUFF you up. BUT there are those i completely love that i trust with all my life and a turtle i completely care, dote and cherish that i am starting to. I could snuggle in those arms until forever. hold my turtle so tight so that nothing take it away from me.

i mimimiss you.

enjoy everyone.

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